I am committed to building and supporting Black people’s freedom to Live, Own, Vote, and Excel. I recognize that “doing my part” means staying informed and repeatedly taking actions that ensure that the Next Narrative for Black America is one of fairness, opportunity and justice.

We promote the importance of mental, physical and spiritual well-being. We unite to celebrate Black collective genius and elevate a vanguard to change the world.
We increase Black financial literacy, control of money, asset-ownership, and ability to create generational wealth. We work to decrease unjust resource allocations.
We will remove barriers to voting, end corrupt policing and consistently turn out the Black vote and census.
We amplify a narrative that defines Black people by aspirations and contributions, making it impossible to ignore Black excellence.

Something magical happens when we lift our voices. It’s called “change.” Throughout this campaign, our leaders are using their voices to influence narratives, opinions, and practices that affect us.