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BMe Community mobilizes 70 Black leaders to drive the Agenda for Black L.O.V.E.

As part of its commitment to advance the Agenda for Black L.O.V.E., BMe Community (BMe) has awarded fellowships designed to unite, celebrate, and elevate Black leaders to achieve greater influence and impact in creating more caring, prosperous communities.

After a rigorous selection process from candidates nationwide, BMe Community awarded 61 remarkable Black leaders the BMe Vanguard Fellowship, and 9 the BMe Genius Fellowship. Honorees include community activists, elected officials, law enforcement, educators, veterans, entrepreneurs, and more.

The BMe Vanguard Fellowship is an elite leadership experience designed and facilitated by leading global authorities on social innovation, influence, health, finance, narrative, race, culture and more. The BMe Genius Fellowship celebrates Black men in Louisville, KY for their community building efforts by recognizing them as assets, welcoming them into an extraordinary Black leadership family, and a $10,000 award towards their community impact projects. BMe Fellowships enhance their knowledge, influence, and network, with the aspiration to shift the narrative for Black people and affect real change.

“Fixing broken systems isn’t enough,” explains Trabian Shorters, CEO/Founder of BMe Community. “We need leaders who are able to build communities of love and power based on truer narratives.”

Since 2013, has mobilized 367 Black community leaders throughout the nation to be the vanguards of the next narrative for Black America in which Black people are free to live, own, vote, and excel. The Agenda for Black L.O.V.E. is a four-part strategy to go beyond battling injustices to building the Next Narrative for Black America:

  • Live. Prioritize the value of Black lives, mental, physical and spiritual health, and heritage.
  • Own. Increase financial literacy, asset-ownership, and creation of generational wealth.
  • Vote. Remove barriers to voting, end corrupt policing and turnout the Black vote and census.
  • Excel. Amplify narratives that make it impossible to ignore Black excellence.

BMe Community Fellowships are sponsored by major foundations including The William R. Kenan Jr. Charitable Trust, Jacob & Valeria Langeloth Foundation, The Heinz Endowments, Skillman Foundation, and James Graham Brown Foundation.

Meet the 2020 Fellows

Lakeitha Grey
Follow Lakeitha Grey:
Lakeitha Grey has over 20 years experience in guiding integrated marketing campaigns and maintaining brand integrity across multiple disciplines and communications vehicles. Grey is a proud University of Georgia graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Master of Arts in Communications from Florida State University. A brand strategist at heart, Lakeitha has coordinated campaigns for major household names such as American Airlines, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Nationwide Insurance, Subaru, Florida Lottery, Bravo’s Dr. Heavenly, and others. Over the past 13 years, Grey has specialized in developing behavior modification marketing campaigns that address public/mental health, lifestyles, and social causes. She has received a number of industry awards for creative excellence, including several American Advertising (ADDY) Awards in the Public Service category and Who’s Who of Prevention Leaders in Florida for outstanding work in the area of problem gambling prevention. A youth advocate, she launched Building Young Entrepreneurs in 2013 – a summer program helping teens start their own business. Lakeitha came on board with BMe Community as the Marketing Director in January of 2018.

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